Hand Tinted Illustrations

From 1966 to 1989 black and white illustrations in graphite was the only medium I worked in.   Then I decided to dabble in color.    I would do the illustration in graphite or charcoal and then make a photographic sepia tone print then hand tint it in oils like they used to do on old photo portraits.   The result was beautiful.

Spiderwick Adventures  -  charcoal  22.5" x  30"      2008

This was produced for an invitational art show about family reading that was held at the Carnegie Center in New Albany, IN.  While at the library I saw the book "Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You"   and an idea was born.    I got the family down the street to pose and my little dog had to get into the act, she is such a ham.  They wore blue jeans and plaid shirts which I made into pajamas.

Original drawing- $3500    Print- $125     smaller prints available

Spiderwick Adventures  -  Sepia tone photo with hand tinting in Marshall oil paint for photos.

This process is a little tedious but gives a dramatic effect.   Since the values are already there all that is needed is flat transparent paint to be applied with cotton balls or a soft rag.  Wiping more off creates a lighter shade.

Print, 16" x 20", hand tinted  $375

Le Bal Du Zoo - graphite   18" x 24"      1989

The Lincolin Park Zoo in Chicago was a client of ours when I worked for an ad agency in Chicago.   This was the original drawing for the invitation to a fund raiser for the zoo.  

Le Bal Du Zoo - Hand tinted sepia toned photo   18" x 24"

This color version was was the invitation, printed as a poster and sent rolled up in a tube to everyone on their mailing list.   A small version was printed on the front cover of the booklet program and the penguins were on that image instead of the worded invite.  The sepia tone gives it a warmth and aged feel.